Welcome to Morningside Montessori School!

We are a warm, inclusive community that values every child, parent and teacher. As educators of the young, we focus on the development of well-rounded children who love to learn, revel in their sparkling imaginations and are engaged community members. As guides for our parents, we participate in the joys of parenting, help facilitate appropriate limit setting and encourage children towards independence. As professionals, we examine our practice and challenge ourselves to analyze our pedagogical choices. Our school helps prepare a young person for the world at large. Above all, we are Montessorians and we educate based on our observations so that we meet our community’s needs. 

Our commitment is to inspire a love of learning throughout a lifespan, to teach children to engage with others in a meaningful way and to see themselves as proactive members of the planet.  We invite you to learn more about our multi-faceted school!