Explorers Classes

Our Explorers Classes are afternoon enrichment programs for our students who either attend the 5-day AM (morning) program, or the 5-day PM (afternoon) program. They are designed for children who might need a longer day and additional academic challenges. The routines of the Explorers classes adhere to a more typical kindergarten format and therefore guides your child as s/he completes his/her last year of preschool and begins the transition into Kindergarten. The daily structure includes a whole group lesson, table work and after an independent work time, children gather on the rug to review the lesson of the day. The expectations of this classroom are such that children must be four years old in order to enroll in this class. Generally the class studies specific themes for a short period of time. We incorporate a multidisciplinary curriculum within the Explorers Class so that the children explore a specific theme in different ways. The curriculum incorporates math, language, science, cooking, arts & crafts, music, movement and geography activities that are geared toward children who will be moving up to Kindergarten next year. These activities are stimulating and fun for the children, but the standards of attention and independence are greater than those in our regular 5 day programs.

The Explorers classroom differs from our other 5-day classrooms in the following ways:

• Demonstrations are more complex; circle-time is longer.

• The children are expected to do more of their own language and math activities. They are

also expected to document their work more than in the other classrooms.

• There are more whole group expectations: whole group lessons, whole group writing,

cooking, etc.

• While every child is not expected to be ‘perfect’ at every activity, each child must try.

• Expectations are more standardized, as this is a homogenous age group.

• Increased levels of independence are expected. Children are encouraged to problem solve

in more independent ways. As the children are older and have higher level language skills, they are encouraged to take part in lengthier conversations.