Our Faculty

The Morningside office buzzes with activity, acting as the hub for our school. In the Director’s Office, you’ll find a sympathetic ear and a wealth of experience.

In the Main Office, a parent can get information about the school, inquire about parent participation or begin a school visit. This is also where teachers can locate student files, make copies of classroom work or order materials. Our Associate Director is on-hand here to help you in whatever way you need.

Alexandra Martin
Interim Acting Executive Director
Born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City, Alexandra has a Master’s in Education, and has dual certification from the Department of Education in Childhood Education and in Art Education.

Alexandra (known to most of us as Alex)  has been a part of the Morningside community since 2004. She was an Art Educator at the Guggenheim Museum for five years before coming to us as  the Head Teacher in the North class for 3 years, and then as the Head Teacher in the South Class for 3 years.  Alex is the Interim Acting Executive Director.  She is also the Director of Admissions, manages marketing, web site design, and provides staff development. Alex  designs and implements Morningside's Parent Education program.


Judy Harrison
Administrative Assistant

Judy was born and raised in New York City.  Judy’s diverse experience spans over  20 years. Judy previously worked in a head start program before working in the admissions department of a private school. After leaving academia, Judy decided to pursue other interests, but realized her first passion is working with the little ones. Judy’s career has come full circle because she has returned to academia and is very excited to join the administrative department at Morningside Montessori School. Judy lives in the Bronx and has four children.

Debbie Gonzalez
Special Events Coordinator and Summer Program Administrator

Debbie has been an invaluable presence at Morningside for over 20 years. Debbie began as a substitute teacher, moved in to an assistant teacher role, before becoming the Assistant to the Director. Debbie is now leading all special events at Morningside. Debbie's two children are both former Morningside Students.