Alexandra Valentin

South Class Montessori and AssociateTeacher
Alex has been part of our community for many years, as both a parent and a teacher. In 1997 Alex became a permanent assistant teacher and in 2000 she became our Camp Coordinator.
In 2004, Alex left Morningside to work at Episcopal Social Services as an Infant/Toddler Specialist.  In 2006, Alex returned to Morningside where she is now a Montessori teacher.
Alex obtained her AMS Montessori certification through West Side Montessori.  Alex loves working with children, and brings a wonderfully fun and charismatic presence to our school.
Alex has been the South Class Montessori Teacher for three years. Before that, Alex  worked in the Toddler and North class age group for two years, and was a teacher in the PM class for three years .
Alex is married to Eli.  They have a daughter Dana and a son Eli, who are both graduates of Morningside.