Why MMS?

Morningside Montessori School is above all a warm, nurturing learning environment.  Children are welcomed into their day with a broad smile, full of  joyful anticipation of the day.   Our teachers take the time to know all of our students, individualizing conversations that inspire children to talk and share their thoughts and feelings.  Our goal is to support children as they learn to navigate the world of relationships.  Because our school is a diverse community, our conversations about the riches of diversity happen naturally.  Differences are celebrated as being what makes the world interesting, while taking care of each other makes the world a good place to be.


Our experienced teachers bring a treasure trove of ideas to inspire children to be invested in learning and school.  We have a strong foundation in Montessori principles that guide us but are influenced by more recent educational research. We reflect on the blend of these philosophies regularly.  Our habit of reflection maintains a well-articulated approach that responds to the children we are teaching in the moment.  Our education is therefore very organically connected to our student’s interests and levels.    Our teachers take pride in their role of being responsible for their student’s learning. 


Our true appreciation for the young is present in all our interactions with them.  We don’t “treat them with respect”, we simply respect them.