MMS News January, 2011




Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 1/19: “Jack and the Beanstalk” 9:30am: South and North; 10:45am: West and PM. Each performance is 1 hour long.

Thursday, 1/20: Neighborhood Nature” 9:45am: Toddlers


Monday 1/17: No School in observance of Martin Luther King Day Thursday 1/20: Staff Meeting. All children who are dismissed at 12:30pm and 1:30 pm are dismissed at 12:25 pm. Everyone else’s schedule stays the same. Friday 1/21: Pajama Day for the North, West, South and PM classes! Wear your jammies and eat pancakes! Thursday 1/25:Pajama Day in the Toddler class! Wear your jammies and eat pancakes together!

Things you can do on a sick day

Play Being Sick: Kids make very good doctors-and of course you need Band-Aids, Ace Bandages and sick dollies! (What better way to process being sick?)

Unwrap a gift: Everyone loves to open a present-why not one for your sick baby? They don’t have to be new- they can be toys your child already has. Then you can make a game of guessing which toy it is before it’s unwrapped!

Write picture notes back and forth. You can make a game of guessing what you are each trying to tell each other!

He doesn’t want to take medicine? Freeze it into a popsicle!

Sick Child = Time to Reconnect

For a family with young children the winter provides many opportunities for illness to take hold. No one looks forward to illnesses- doctor visits, medicine, feeling bad for your baby and having to take time off from work all contribute. But there may be a silver lining to this dark cloud….. if getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow down, why not slow down? While our busy lives don’t easily succumb, reducing the pace might be just what we all need sometimes. The next time your child is sick, try looking at it as a time for you to spend quiet time with your child. Take a day off from work and reconnect with your child. Let the appointments be rescheduled, let some dishes pile up in the sink, and be with your baby. When your child looks back on her growing up experience, she won’t remember or care how clean the apartment was, but she will remember how you stayed home with her when she was sick, how you stopped to play and made work less important than her.

Save the Date!! Lauren Hooker’s production of, “The Fire Children” on February 7th! 10:30 in the morning for North, South, West and PM!