MMS News March, 2013

News and Reminders

Thursday March 14th: Staff Meeting 12:30-1:30pm.  (1:30 children get picked up at 12:25 today.  All other schedules remain the same.)

Monday March 25th- Tuesday April 2nd: School Closed, Spring Break

Wednesday April 3rd: School Re-Opens.

Cabin Fever...

Got it?  I know I do!  Every time we have another episode of winter weather after some hints of spring in the air, I feel so deflated!  How many more board games can we play?

Here are some ideas of things you can do at home until Spring is really here! 

1. paint a plant pot and them plant something in it.  Grass grows really fast!  You can also cut it with scissors and watch it grow back in.  

2. build a fort in the couch and read books by flashlight.  Or call it the Batcave!

3. glue pictures onto cardstock, connect them with a ring binder and read your book!  This is great way to remember things that your family has done and enjoy them again.  It also supports speech and language development by engaging your child in something s/he will be highly motivated to talk about.  

4.  Gather some magazines, cut out picturesof clothes nad glue them on cardstock.  Then have your child arrange them in the right places as if s/he were dressing a paper doll. You could do the same with pictures of people and put them in sequence.  For example, find pictures of people combing thier hair, brushing their teeth and putting on socks.  Then oyu and our child can pout them in sequence.

5. Give your child magazines or newspapers and scissors.  Let him/her make a collage of what they like. 

6. Make playdough.

7. Play Red Light/Green Light. 

8.  Play crab soccer with a nerf soccerball. (You get on all fours, but with your belly towards the sky-kind of upsdie down all fours)

9. Blow pompoms across the floor with a straw.  

10. Play volleyball with a balloon. 

11. Play, "what animal  I am?"  It's like animal charades. 

12. Play "What's missing?"  Placea few toys in front of your child, ask him/her to close their eyes, remove an item, then ask your child to figure out what you took away. 

13. Trace your child's body on large paper and color it in. 

14. Make sock puppets.

15. Write a menu for the next meal- with pictures and words.


Let me know how it goes!