Summer Program News


May 23, 2014


You will notice a new ‘feel’ to our Summer Program.  We have revamped our plan and now have a science focus.  Our Summer Program will still be chock full of those typical MMS version of camp experiences- swimming, sweating outdoors, playing with water tables, bubbles etc.  What will be new is that all of the ‘lessons’ will be oriented towards scientific inquiry.  Science learning is a huge topic and you can see how we’ve specified which aspects of science that we will focus on, on the website.  Our program will ensure many hands on experiments, lots of work outdoors and an increase in what your child understands about the working of the planet.

In order to ensure a cohesive plan, I am working with a science educator, writing curriculum and a specific plan for each day’s work.  We will connect songs, books and games to reinforce scientific concepts. Our trips will now all be science related, which includes contact with animals (in a very supervised format), plants and scientific museum exhibits. 

We have decided to launch our Summer Program in this new direction to engage young children with a better understanding of how the planet earth works, what it needs to be healthy and how all the systems on earth can work together for a healthy planet. It’s also a great excuse to spend more time with dirt, trees and 

Science is eternally fascinating to children and we want a Summer at MMS to expand thinking as well as joy! 

Come check us out!

Jorinda Moorhead


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