3 Day Program (MWF)

Our Three Day Program contains a wealth of activities to engage young minds and foster a lifelong love of learning.

The program is founded on Montessori principles which include design of the classroom, the teacher as a facilitator and extended work periods. We employ traditional Montessori materials, modern educational materials and some teacher made materials. They include: Sensorial materials, to incite the senses; Practical Life materials to refine fine motor skills; Language activities to develop letter/sound recognition; Math materials to learn counting, ordination and beginning addition/subtraction. The program also contains an abundance of manipulatives, such as blocks; art activities, painting, collaging, and drawing;  science projects, watching caterpillars turn into butterflies; a wealth of books and a very cozy loft, which acts as an area for fantasy play and dress-up activities.

A typical day in the North Class consists of at least two or three circle times, one for attendance, one for a Montessori demonstration, one for a song or movement activity; one extended Work Time, a free choice period where children choose their own work and teachers work with small groups and individuals; an Outdoor Time, on our rooftop playground; a Book Time, where children can look at books and/or hear one read to them; and a nutritious snack.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule for the Three Day Class:

9:00-9:10        Arrival/Work Time

9:10-9:20        Morning Circle (morning song, weather, jobs)

9:20-10:00      Roof or 5th Floor Play Room

10:00-10:30    Snack/Quiet Book Time

10:30- 10:50   Montessori Demo/Cooking/Science/Art

10:50-11:30    Work Time

11:30-11:55    Music and Movement/Yoga

11:55-12:00    Goodbye song/Dismissal

Ages of children

2.8 (2 years 8 months) to 3.5 years (3 years 5 months)

Number of days

3 days (MWF)


9:00 to 12:00 (1:30 w/lunch)

Number of Children


Number of Teachers