Sibling and Legacy Policy


As an ISAAGNY school, Morningside Montessori School participates in the Early Notification option for sibling and legacy candidates.  These candidates are evaluated according to the same criteria as all other applicants and must follow many of the same procedures.


Morningside Montessori School believes that our families help make our community strong; sibling and legacy applicants who meet our admission criteria can be reasonably assured that a space will be offered when applying.  This being said, our goal is to ensure the right match between an applicant and our school.  The most important criteria for admission include that the applicant will be well served by our mission and program.  Sibling and legacy families must actively pursue other school options for each applicant.


In order to be considered for early notification, all application materials and a form confirming your understanding of the Sibling/Legacy procedures, must be received by the beginning of December.  Families who choose Early Notification receive notification sometime between mid-December and early January.  Early Notification is contractually binding.  If a child is accepted as an Early Notification candidate, then all applications to other Member Schools to which the child has applied as a regular candidate must be promptly withdrawn.  Parents will have until noon of the Early Notification Parent Reply Deadline to formally notify in writing their acceptance of the Early Notification contract.


In the case where an applicant qualifies, and the parents have opted for Early Notification at more than one Member School, upon receipt of Early Notification acceptance by any Member School, the parents shall be obligated to promptly withdraw all Regular Decision applications to other Member Schools.  Parents will be granted the full Early Notification Parent Reply period to choose between the Early Notification acceptances.


Morningside Montessori School is committed to this early notification policy because we believe that families who know our community well understand the value of a Morningside education.  As such, for the purpose of our Sibling and Legacy Application Policy, we use the following definitions:


Sibling:  Any child who is a sibling of a current Morningside student, recent Morningside alum (within 5 years), or active Morningside alum (see below).


Legacy:  Any child whose parent or guardian is either an active alum or a current employee of Morningside Montessori School.


Active alum:  Any alum who has been in touch with Morningside Montessori School within the last three years in any of the following ways:  sharing news through the website, newsletter, or alumni association; attending or being represented at an event, such as the Fall Fair, the Spring Auction; or participating in the annual fund or other fund raising activities.